Notes from Web2Expo Conference

The following notes were taken from talks I attended this morning. The content has also syndicated to Web2Ireland.

Business Models for Web 2.0 Companies

Christian Leybold of BV Capital provided a good overview of business models (all advertising) and statistics – sites used as examples during the presentation are BV investment companies)

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Workshop Day at Web2Expo Berlin

Have spent the morning and early afternoon so far – flitting between the various workshops. Stowe Boyd unsurprisingly – had a full house for his pitch – likewise, Kathy Sierra’s session on creating passionate users.

Have met up with some of the Irish contingent – Brian O’Malley and Jonathan from EI, Benjamin Mosse of AP in New York and James Galvin.

Wifi access has only now started to cope with demand – my attempts to microblog to Twitter or Jaiku via my Nokia 770 might have been successful early on as I managed to corral one of the hens teeth-like IP addresses – but I was then cruelly thwarted by problems with actually using “Post” on Jaiku, or actually even logging using Twitter.

Travelling to Web2Expo Berlin

I’m travelling to the Web2Expo Conference in Berlin today thanks to the guys in Web2Ireland. Fours days was just too much for me though – I travel back to Ireland on Wednesday afternoon. I’m currently in the airport, reviewing the lineup and deciding what I can or cannot get to – should be fun.Of course, I will probably also use the occasion of the event to finally drop the wraps on some stuff I’ve been working on over the past number of weeks – part skunworks, part public good – a bit of a combination.

Another by product should be more insight for a paper I am presenting at the HISI conference later this month entitled “Web2.0 and Healthcare : Avoiding Hype, Reaping Benefits”. More information over on the blog I maintain which discusses the use of IT and Technology in Healthcare – I’ve thrown out an invitation to ask people for items that I should cover and discuss in the presentation.