Advertising companies and online presence.

Now that the domain registry rules for .ie registration have become a little easier to navigate, we will probably begin to see more and more sites and microsites associated with specific campaigns.

For example, the Power of One Campaign is one that springs to mind. This must have a huge budget that extends across broadcast, print, (schools, workplace education ?), and the web.

The thing is though, while remembering the URL is handy with the likes of this campaign, it appears from finding the site on the web, it is also apparently mandatory. If I do a quick search on the most obvious google search for this purpose, nowhere does the Power of one site appear.

So I suppose my question is this – what are the issues in apparently allowing the advertising agency to also drive the web strategy in terms of search optimisation and site or microsite naming ?

Could Power of one gone for something as simple as and have been far more effective online?

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