Websites of Independent Candidates for Irish General Election 2011

The Irish General Election is only a couple of weeks away, and RTE News reports that this year sees a surge in Independent candidates :

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WordCamp Ireland – Use Case Scenarios with WordPress

Panel moderation at NWC09 – Image courtesy of Colin Gillen –

So WordCamp Ireland is rolling up pretty quickly. Back in November 2009 I was delighted to help out in organising Northwest Connects – as well as doing the moderation of the two panel discussions we had on the day. Both discussions went well – according to plan in as much as something like this can – and I received good feedback afterwards.

This weekend in Kilkenny for WordCamp Ireland – I find myself fulfilling a similiar role  (I think..)

The session has  the title of  WordPress use case scenarios and the the context will examine the power and potential of WordPress for charity, community and news based sites.

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WordPress Plugin for local community websites – Proposal

We’re beginning to take a lot more overseas queries on our WordPress plugin development capability.

Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the first questions asked is whether we have provided any plugins back to the WordPress user community.

So while we have lots of examples of WordPress plugins developed for our customers that use WordPress – many prospective customers baulk because we don’t have plugins shared with the WordPress community. Read more

Site Map

Web Applications

Web Applications

We build a lot of web applications for customers. Sometimes, these might be built on top of existing content managment systems like WordPress or Joomla!; or they might fit with an existing website already in place.

Specific applications and services we have delivered include

  • Organisation membership databases
  • Conference management and payment systems
  • Opt-in SMS marketing systems
  • Social Media integration (Widget development, Social network integration)
  • Application Integation (exports from back end systems made available on public websites)

Social Media

Social Media

If you are wondering how your organisation can engage online using Blogs, Wikis, Forums and Social Networks – then we can advise you on the approach that you might take.

We have helped customers take their first steps in this area, advising on how to

  • Establishing where their customers are gathering online
  • Engaging proactively with those customers
  • Monitoring and measuring results

We’ve found that customers first like to gain an understanding of the platforms available, what makes these platforms attractive to their users, and why they are successful :

  • Blogging platforms (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad)
  • Social Networks (Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Forums (
  • Image Sharing (Flickr,
  • Video (Youtube)
  • Widgets (Slide, RockYou, PollDaddy,MyBlogLog)

As well as advising you on the approach that you might take with you social media campaign – we can also help you develop applications for these platforms where relevant. This includes

  • Product micro sites
  • Widget development (in Javascript and Flash for websites, blogs, etc)
  • Facebook application development