Advertising companies and online presence.

Now that the domain registry rules for .ie registration have become a little easier to navigate, we will probably begin to see more and more sites and microsites associated with specific campaigns.

For example, the Power of One Campaign is one that springs to mind. This must have a huge budget that extends across broadcast, print, (schools, workplace education ?), and the web.

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Twitter Tags?

I’m a sometimes user of twitter. thing is, when you start recommending the ideas behind such a service, something like pownce comes along. such is the importance of recommending the idea to customers, rather than the service itself….

back to twitter though. i would probably subscribe to more tweets if i could turn the banality off. at the expense of losing a few characters off each message, i would quite happily not receive messages that have been tagged as such.

as a potential business service, this would be a basic requirement.