Are Early adopters a menace to your Social Media Campaign?

Over the past few days I’ve been torn a little bit away from the comfort zone of  web development activities and have been thinking a lot about the Social media session at Open Coffee Sligo next thursday.

12 months ago at our  inaugural get together – we had a great talk from Johnny Beirne of on how to use online channels to forward your goals for sales, customer engagement and so on.

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Sean Gallagher lecture at Enterprise Innovation Week – IT Sligo

As I commented last night on twitter – awesome would not be a normal part of my vocabulary.  Listening to Sean Gallagher of Smarthomes and  Dragons Den last night as part of Enterprise Innovation Week (#eiweek) in Sligo IT – the word entered my vocabulary for the first time.

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Elections 2009 – Ballot Paper 101

While casting my vote this morning in the European and Local Elections in the Ireland North West Constituency, I was scratching my head at the candidate who decided it was NOT important enough to add his visage to the ballot paper. King – Non Party – Ballot paper FAIL. Read more

Electronic Voting Machines

So  Minister Gormley has finally pressed the shutdown button on the e-voting machines.

Since the day he took office – he knew that this day would eventually come. Given the current financial situation however, I think the announcement was actually the easy part.

The difficult part will be the job of the inter-departmental task force and their efforts to disengage from the storage contracts and offloading the machines themselves – while at the same time trying to “recoup as much as possible of their cost” – the last bit are not my words. Read more

The Internet in your sitting room?

It’s exciting to hear about the new Samsung LED TV and how internet services that we’ve become so familiar with – YouTube, Flickr & Yahoo! – will soon be much more accessible in the average sitting room.

Yes, the ways and means to do this is already out there; Apple TV, Mac Mini, the browser on Wii – but still requires that early adopter mentality which frankly is not of interest to most people.

For this particular early adopter – the path to these types of fool proof technologies has been a long one.

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Twitter for Emergencies

Twitter is receiving an awful lot of attention at the moment in both print and broadcast media. The terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November was covered widely, as was the online campaign backing up the Israeli attack on Gaza; even well known technology advocate (ha..) Ryan Tubridy decided to dedicate a few minutes on his early morning radio show – which caused blog and twitter debate.

Individual firsts have also been recorded – first twitterers to be report from an air crash, escape from a burning house – and of course DM fails are always just a few keystrokes away.

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