Mobile Marketing, Web Development, Web Consultancy, Widget Marketing – It’s been a busy few months

We’ve been deep in client projects over the past few months, so here’s a quick rundown on some of the things we have been up to.

Mobile Marketing : Online solution for a retail customer to enable them to easily communicate with their customers via an opt-in text messages for products and services. Features included message personalisation, campaign maintenance and delivery statistics. We’re really pleased with this work.

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Getting old mobile Phones for SMS marketing Project – difficult

We’re currently working on a web development project that will allow a customer to run a highly targeted SMS marketing campaign.

Thing is, we’re trying to gather some old, SIM free mobile phones together to do some serious testing. Those we have asked, have pretty much already donated their old models to the the very worthy Jack and Jill Childrens Foundation.

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Side Project #2 – Monitoring New Planning Applications

A couple of weeks back, I outlined our interest in Electric Mill to public data projects , and an initial example of how A&E attendance figures could be presented. This is a good example of the data being available, but delivered in such a way as to make it kind of hard to get at.

So cue Side Project #2. If you live in Ireland, chances are you are either interested/intrigued/repulsed by house prices. This national obsession with home ownership is well recognised.

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Side Project #1 – A&E Attendance Figures in Ireland

Public data and public information interests us a lot in Electric Mill. A good reason for this is that you will often find that government agencies, departments and other public bodies – while they may publish information – will normally do so in formats which while fulfilling duty, are not exactly easy to read, interpret or compare.

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Resolution of a CSS styling issue running PHP5 on IIS

A small piece of development work that we completed for a client in December 2007 threw up an unexpected problem.

We developed a small PHP based application to enable staff to easily import and validate data from a Lotus Notes system through an administration console, while at the same time enabling the public to easily search and view the same data.

Things were slightly complicated by the fact that the application was to seamlessly integrate with an existing ASP.Net CMS application – particularly with regard to the overall look and feel. the illusion to be created was of one system.

It would not be the first time that PHP has been asked to co-exist on an IIS server. We did our research, developed the system, did test Read more