Customer Service Lesson

Maybe the title of the post should have actually read “think carefully about how you react to a customers suggestion near the end of a working day”.

Yesterday was just one of those days, and at the end of it I had one of those customer conversations that you are probably warned about in any customer service 101’s. I got quiet ratty on the phone.

Bottom line – you just cannot do that without a very, very good reason.

I’ve always understood the importance of happy customers; conversely, I also understand when you need to walk away from one.

Whatever about the external unmanageable elements of a recession – you always remain in control of the attitude and consideration that you have for the people that are paying you for your services.

By the time I listened to Emily Tully on TodayFM recount her horror story of an interaction with Mobile phone company 3 (story on igopeople) – I had come full circle.

A quick email was dispensed with an apologetic “it’s been a long week” – but I know that it’s been a tough and busy last month for the person in question as well…

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