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I’ve been helping out with the organisation of the local chapter of Open Coffee Sligo for the last few years. It’s been a fun event to be involved in – and I’ve got to meet lots of people from different business backgrounds.

The most interesting and well-attended sessions that we’ve organised have always been associated with online. So this thursday, 3rd October – the session is oriented around ecommerce and online shopping.

As well as having a couple of local businesses that will share their experiences – we know that some of the following topics will probably be raised :

  • How do you choose your platform? Build it or use something like Shopify?
  • Dealing with payments, the pain of merchant accounts, the pain of paypal. Or what about new services like Stripe?
  • Photographing your products and getting the descriptions right
  • Managing stock and dealing with fulfilment
  • Knowing your customer – how they navigate through your shop, where are they falling away, using analytics to learn more.

Full details of the event here.


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