Irish Political Blogging Conference on Ustream.TV

I was unable to attend the blogging conference in Dublin on saturday, organised by the European Commission. With a lot of foresight, Philippe and Cian ensured that people like myself could view proceedings by streaming most of the event with Ustream.TV;

Well done guys – the presentations I saw were good; I thought the workshop with Harry, Damien, Richard and Joe was excellent – it’s a shame that it was so short.

The picture included here shows Damian O’Broin from giving his overview of social media campaigns for fund raising and online advocacy; I think this was a particularly good session and highlighted the innovation that is happening in this sector; I would have liked to hear more offline, his views on the models that are currently being used in this sector – he alluded to it, but did not really have the opportunity to develop on.

I suppose it proves exactly the reason you need to attend get together like this – otherwise, you really do miss the networking opportunities.

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