Social Media

If you are wondering how your organisation can engage online using Blogs, Wikis, Forums and Social Networks – then we can advise you on the approach that you might take.

We have helped customers take their first steps in this area, advising on how to

  • Establishing where their customers are gathering online
  • Engaging proactively with those customers
  • Monitoring and measuring results

We’ve found that customers first like to gain an understanding of the platforms available, what makes these platforms attractive to their users, and why they are successful :

  • Blogging platforms (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad)
  • Social Networks (Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Forums (
  • Image Sharing (Flickr,
  • Video (Youtube)
  • Widgets (Slide, RockYou, PollDaddy,MyBlogLog)

As well as advising you on the approach that you might take with you social media campaign – we can also help you develop applications for these platforms where relevant. This includes

  • Product micro sites
  • Widget development (in Javascript and Flash for websites, blogs, etc)
  • Facebook application development