The Internet in your sitting room?

It’s exciting to hear about the new Samsung LED TV and how internet services that we’ve become so familiar with – YouTube, Flickr & Yahoo! – will soon be much more accessible in the average sitting room.

Yes, the ways and means to do this is already out there; Apple TV, Mac Mini, the browser on Wii – but still requires that early adopter mentality which frankly is not of interest to most people.

For this particular early adopter – the path to these types of fool proof technologies has been a long one.

The interest that I have had in listening to internet radio goes back to the late ’90s and indeed was the basis of the funding I received from Enterprise Ireland in mid-2001. From downloaded audio (pre podcast and RSS feeds) onto an HP iPAQ, to an FM transmitter connected to the PC ( I wrote about it here) – through to my current use of a Nokia N95.

This is all still very geeky, and I know that this level of geekiness will only be mitigated by the purchase of a REAL internet radio – one that looks like a radio, has knobs and dials on, a 1950’s wood finish – or whatever radio attributes are currently in vogue.

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