Websites of Independent Candidates for Irish General Election 2011

The Irish General Election is only a couple of weeks away, and RTE News reports that this year sees a surge in Independent candidates :

  • 233 Independent & Smaller Party candidates
  • 75 FF
  • 104 FG
  • 68 Labour
  • 43 Greens
  • 41 Sinn Fein

I decided to take the Independent candidates and establish how many of them are using WordPress as their Content Managment System.

First of all I established the candidates and their websites or lack thereof :

  • 169 – total Independent Candidates
  • 84 – Candidates without a website
  • 85 – Candidate with a website

So regardless of other online presence – just over 50% of candidates have no website. Taking those 85 candidates that do have a website, I wrote a quick script that searched the home page of their site – and looked for the obvious DNA that one would expect with the most obvious Content Management Systems. Where this was not obviously available – I actually looked at the source and came to my own conclusions.

The results are shown below:

So WordPress implementations (both self-hosted and originating out of seem to be the most popular branded CMS in use by candidates – with just over 28% of sites.

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  1. James Coyle
    James Coyle says:

    Can you give us your best prediction as to which independent candidates will succeed in each constituency. We are interested in forming a loose alliance with some of these candidates.
    Many thanks

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