WordCamp Ireland – Use Case Scenarios with WordPress

Panel moderation at NWC09 – Image courtesy of Colin Gillen – Framelight.ie

So WordCamp Ireland is rolling up pretty quickly. Back in November 2009 I was delighted to help out in organising Northwest Connects – as well as doing the moderation of the two panel discussions we had on the day. Both discussions went well – according to plan in as much as something like this can – and I received good feedback afterwards.

This weekend in Kilkenny for WordCamp Ireland – I find myself fulfilling a similiar role  (I think..)

The session has  the title of  WordPress use case scenarios and the the context will examine the power and potential of WordPress for charity, community and news based sites.

Helping me explore the issues and come to some conclusions will be Alexis Bouckaert, Heidi Jermyn and a yet to be named third speaker. We’ve already agreed to chat about the session sometime on saturday evening – it will be interesting to see what approach the guys take with their presentations.

Each speaker will have 10 minutes or so to present their website – and from their we will try to isolate the positive elements from their implementation and what they’ve learned, what they might have done differently and so on.

I may even get the chance to drop in a few thoughts on some local community and public data sites that I’ve also been involved in myself.

Full details on www.wordcampireland.com

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